Red Tree Sponge (Haliclona compressa)
external image Haliclona_compressa.jpg
Taxonomy:Kingdom: AnimaliaPhylum: PoriferaClass: DemospongiaeOrder: HaploscleridaFamily: ChalinidaeGenus: HaliclonaSpecies: Haliclona compressa

Color:Haliclona compressa has the color of bright red.

Description:Red tree sponge (Haliclona compressa) has tree-like branches. It mostly grows up to about 8 inches.external image sponge_red_tree.jpg

Habitat:This species survives well in a home aquarium environment in a temperature ranging from 68 to 79°F (20-26°C). It needs to be a place with a low light level and moderate water flow.

Lifestyle:The red tree sponges feed on the plankton and suspended detritus. In order to survive, they need numerous feedings per day.

Places:They are common to the Caribbean sea.